Saturday, August 9, 2014

Busk N Bake... success!!

Banana Bread

Mmmmm! What is that overwhelming, comforting and delicious smell? Yep. Thats some fresh homemade banana bread that we baked up and sold downtown in front of Gathered yesterday! We had a ton of fun and a completely positive and welcoming response from the kind public. Thanks to all involved... I know that I had a remarkably enjoyable afternoon. Here are a few pictures and videos for all our far-flung beloved friends and family to see and watch and feel included. Because you all absolutely are!

Joe getting the whole town feelin' groovy with his sweet solo bass set.

Uncle Ike and Silas managing the bake sales

Ike and Silas... still hard at work.

Rosie and Sally Mae... 'whooowhoooing' through 'Lost In My Mind'

Rosie! Melodica Solo!

So hard to resist!

Unbeknownst to Silas... there was zombie serum in the banana bread! AAAAAH!

Cuties <3

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