I am raising money to help my brother, Casey, pay for schooling costs that are not covered by his school loans.
L to R: Joseph, Sally Mae, Casey, Rose, Isaac and front row is Hazel who is standing in for Rachel. Cause they are look-a-likes.
When I recently visited Casey we had a very good talk over some delicious brunch. It became apparent through the course of the conversation that he is struggling with grades, courses, work, family and money. I thought to myself as I heard him pour his heart out until his eyes misted over that there is only one thing on his list of worries I possibly could do anything about. The money. And when I impulsively reminded him the he should ask us (siblings, family and friends) for help and I would be proud to rally everyone behind him, he and his wife both broke into outright tears of gratitude just for my sharing the notion. He feels like he can't ask for help, but help and encouragement is all he needs. He is so used to helping, teaching and leading everyone else its as if he doesn't know how to begin asking for a shoulder to lean on. And who better to join together in a huge, insipring rally cry than all of us?

He has a slew of extra costs with getting ready to take the boards. I don't know how quickly we can raise money.... But I am putting this out there to ask for ideas, encouragement and any amount of help/support you guys want to give.

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