7/19/2014 ..... Happy Creek Coffee & Tea, Front Royal, Virginia ::::::::11am-1pm

7/26/2014..... Front Royal Farmers Market, Front Royal, Virginia::::::10:30am-1pm


8/2/2014.... Hopscotch Coffee Roasters, Winchester, Virginia:::::::::1-3pm

8/8/2014.. ***Busk N Bake *** Gathered Shop, Front Royal, Virginia:::11am-2pm

8/23/2014...***Busk N Bake*** The Giving Tree, Linden, Virginia::: 11:30am-3pm


*** Busk N Bake is an event where we will not only be doing our usual music for tips, we will also be bringing homemade baked goods to sell! All profits go to our current cause.

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